Known as the forerunner of cultural activities in Kasargod, theatre artiste, film actor and director Kasargod Chinna has been appointed as the Karnataka Konkani Academy President.

At a time when he is busy directing much hyped Konkani film ‘Uzwad,’ as a co-incident, he has been appointed as the President of Konkani Academy and has brought accolades to Kasargod.

Kasargod Chinna stands apart for his experiments in the form of ‘Lorry Nataka,’ ‘Geetha Sangeetha Ratha,’ ‘Yaksha Theru’ and other campaigns. It could be recalled that three translated works of Chinna were staged as plays in and across the district recently. Three of his works Samhara (Kannada), Kas Patherundu (Tulu) and Aylore Aylo (Konkani) were released in seven districts of the State.

He has translated ‘Siddhathe’ authored by P Lankesh as ‘Karmadhina’ in Konkani, Malayalam play work ‘Good Night’ by N N Pillai as ‘Aa Kshana’ in Kannada and ‘Eklo Aneklo’ in Konkani and has translated a Bengali play into Tulu as ‘Kas Patherundu’ and ‘Ganti’ in Konkani.

Though Chinna’s original name is Srinivas Rao Sujeer, he is more popular as Kasargod Chinna. He has exposed his talent not only in the field of theatre, but also in the field of cinema, serials and radio.

Probably there is no other artiste in the region who has been invited from Gulf countries to stage performances. A gold medallist from Adarsh Film Institute in Bangalore, Chinna has acted in several films starting from ‘Ravana Rajya’ to the recent ‘Nanu Nanna Kanasu’.